Saturday, October 28, 2017

It's Creepy and it's Spooky!

Hey everyone! I hope you're all enjoying these wondrous Fall days! Cooler temps, glorious red and gold leaves, the Harvest moon, displays of mums and pumpkins...oh I could go on! These are my perfect days....

I wanted to share something really special with you that I stumbled upon while perusing some pages on Facebook. I've been researching different areas where I want to eventually move to and so far I've narrowed it to two states; Utah or Colorado. The reason? Skiing of course! Not to mention the beautiful four seasons as well. So while searching, I found an amazing photograph that is so perfect for this time of year and especially Halloween. I think this artist captured the perfect image for the season. Take a look at this!

OMG just looking at this photograph, I envision Michael Meyers (Halloween) hiding behind the tree, or a terrifying scarecrow or Pumpkinhead! I can FEEL this photo. The mood of it is just captivating. The amazing photographer is Johnny Gomez of J2B Photography in Colorado. All his work is glorious but this has to be my favorite!

Here's a few of my own favorite Fall and Halloween photos, some from when I lived in Washington State and others just part of my favorite picture collection. Enjoy!

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