Friday, October 8, 2010

October Happenings...

Hi gang!

Here we are in October already. I love Fall don't you? It's so beautiful. Normally here in WA, we've got a lot more of the Fall-look going on, but I think the strange weather of the earlier seasons has seriously confused Mother Nature, so it's not quite typical here right now.

What else is going on? Cosmetology school (Gene Juarez) is going really well for me. The first day out on the salon floor, I have to admit I wanted to quit! I was scared to death and just dreading taking my first guest. It's not that I don't know the stuff, but doing it on someone who can talk back? That's a whole other thing! My dear friend, Amalia, aka "Blake", who sat next to me in Design (cutting), and is next to me now on the floor, told me "J-nine, you need to calm down! You're freaking ME out and making ME nervous!" Honestly, I had no idea I was giving off that vibe. Well she was right. So for the next day and a half, I regrouped and just thought, ya know - this is IT. This is what you've been going to school for. Get it together girl! My next salon day, it was like I'd been doing it forever. And ya know what? I LOVE it!! Nothing scares me. I look forward to meeting my guests, and love the challenge of creating something new for someone and turning them into fabulous Divas! I've done haircuts, foils, colors, and each one has turned out great. Why? My attitude. I love what I do and so I think it comes out in how I do it. I love my guests too. They come in for a 5-star service and that's what they should get.

This month was also my birthday, October 2nd. And what a GREAT birthday I had! The girls at school surprised me first thing in the morning with a big balloon bouquet, flowers, cards, gifts, and lots of hugs and birthday wishes. They're not only my "support" with salon-life, but also dear friends.

For myself for my birthday? I bought P90X! I've seen what it can do for a body. And lordy - does it work! It's 13 extreme exercise videos that don't quit, including doing pull-ups. When was the last time YOU did a pull-up? I'm predicting I should be able to do ONE by October 2, 2011! Anyway, since my surgery last October, I've lost 25 lbs just from being off pain meds, staying away from most carbs and being more active. I thought it was time to give myself the gift of health and fitness. It's good for the mind as well, and for those of you who know me - well you know I need that! LOL!

Speaking of art and getting back to business. I'm working on an order for snowmen right now for a store back in Rhode Island. Obviously I haven't been doing a lot of creating because of my school schedule, and that'll still have to wait pretty much till I'm done. School demands and requirements get harder as you progress so I have to give that my full attention. I will try to create here and there as time allows, and I'll keep you all updated at least monthly on any news.

Happy Fall everyone!

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Dede said...

I have missed you! So glad that you are loving what you do! That makes it so much more fun and a joy to go to work everyday. Have missed your creations too. But I bet you do many creations a day now only with hair. Wishing you some time for fun!