Thursday, July 7, 2016

She Said Create!

Summer is in full swing here in middle Tennessee and NOW I remember why I want to move! Hot, humid, storms, bugs...need I say more. Oh well, Fall will soon be here and all will be well in my world once more....

But in the meantime, I'm preparing for two upcoming shows for Fall and Christmas that I'm excited about! I love doing shows because I not only get to sell my art to people who appreciate it, but I also get to meet other vendors that are so nice. It's really fun! I may be adding a third show somewhere in between but we'll see because that means you have to have an awful lot of stuff made and right now I've got a little glitch in the process.

A few weeks ago we came upon 4 stray tiny, tiny kittens that were dumped in the bushes down the road from us. Sad I know. They were wet from the rain, shivering, and shaking in the road so we picked them up and are caring for them. In my house. In my craft room. They've since perked up and are tearing around, into everything and well, being kittens. Adorable.

So I've had to relocate my work area. And it's not working. Hmmm...not much area to choose from to set up in this small house. Tried the 3rd bedroom, not working. Dining room? Maybe. Better get it figured out really quick cause I've got to get to making things!
What will I be making? Monster dolls, maybe some voodoo dolls too. Lots and lots of painted items. Some clay sculptures. Maybe some stitchings. And jewelry. Yes I know, I have a love/hate relationship with it but I really do like making it! LOL! I get fueled and inspired by other jewelry artisans and it gets my own creativity flowing.

Back to my craft area. Oh how I wish I just had ONE BIG craft studio! I've just GOT to figure this out!
A shed turned into craft room? Like it!

She shed craft room
Wow, that'd be amazing!
This could work....
I may have to settle with just working on my dining room table for awhile. Sigh............


Miss Wicked said...

I hate how people treat animal's like trash they can just throw away! It's awesome that you found them!

I like the first idea for a craft room with the outside of the 3rd and the window's (with a nice view) of the the fourth lol.

Miss Wicked

By Way of Salem said...

Hi, I know it! They are not just to be disposed of. Geez...

I'm all moved into the dining room, LOL, and what a mess I've made. Paint, and pieces I'm working on, all over the place. Oh well, that's how it is for awhile. No big deal. AND I have my bookcases all filled up in the 2nd bedroom to hold everything and keep it all away from the kitties. It's all working out great!