Monday, July 30, 2018

The Eyes Have it (and more fun stuff)

Finally after quite a hiatus, though really it's cause I've been too distracted (for many reasons), I listed some newly created items in my Etsy shop. Really I love making things, but more when I have a purpose or if I'm creating for someone in mind, then it kicks me in gear. To just list things to sell, that's not really a motivator to me for some reason. Guess cause it's not about the money, it's more about the validation of someone liking my work. That's what keeps this artist going.

Anyway, I created a couple soft sculpture art dolls recently and wow were those fun to paint! They are much harder to paint than say, painting on canvas or wood, since fabric is absorbent, sort of a rougher surface, and the paint just drags. But either way, I was happy with the final result. And as usual, I have this "vision" in my head of what I'm making but they never turn out that way really. My work sort of morphs on it's own. 

This first one is a hoot! Such an intense stare. She looks a bit scary and mean, but looks, as we all know can be deceiving. Someone may look mean, but as soon as you speak to them, a huge wide smile breaks out and their eyes sparkle with friendliness, and it's a whole other person. Agree? I know that's the case with me personally. I can look intense at times, but I'm a teddy bear (mostly, hee hee).

So this is "Gertie". A witch stitched of fabric, painted, then topped with a sculpted witch hat. Her cat is a separate piece as well and then attached after. This gal has so many layers of paint on that face she's going to have a heck of a time washing that make-up off!

Next is "Francie". She started as a witch doll, but then after adding the bolts on her neck, she sort of morphed into a "Frankenstein" type gal. Again, very sweet.

And finally, a new sculpture. Instead of paperclay which I love and I find I'm a bit better with, I chose papier mache. It's definitely more challenging because it's super messy, the shapes aren't as smooth and precise, but then I found when the consistency was right, it became easier to work with and fun too! My creation became a garden witch. I didn't start that way, but then here we go with the morphing! After adding bees and flowers, and not wanting to paint a mean typical witch face, my direction was clear, and she became a sweet, kind garden witch.
I listed them last night, and they were immediately snatched up by a buyer in Oregon who sent me a note saying she loved them all. And that my friends, is why I do my art. Feelin' the love!

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